Town of Clarence

Albert Weber, Assessor

Tax Forms

Informal Review Applications

-> Informal Review Instructions

-> Residential Review Application

-> Commercial Review Application 

              Commercial Informal Review Request for Data

-> Vacant Land Review Application

-> Condominium Review Application

Exemption Applications

For STAR (Basic & Enhanced)  & Low Income Senior applications and instructions, contact the Clarence Assessor's Office

-> Alternative Veterans Application

-> Cold War Veterans Application

-> Disability with Limited Income Application

-> Clergy, Property Owned by Application

-> Business Investment (485b) Application

Formal Grievance Information & Form

(Board of Assessment Review) Fourth Tuesday in May

-> Procedure

-> Information and Instructions on filing a Grievance

-> Grievance Form RP-524

Small Claims Assessment Review


->SCAR Step-by-Step Through the RPTL-730 Review Petition